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Dulse Seaweed Tablets (90 Tablets)

Dulse Seaweed Tablets (90 Tablets)


Dulse is an edible seaweed which grows widely along the shorelines of the North Atlantic. It has been harvested as a source of food for thousands of years, and continues to be popular in Northern Ireland, Iceland, and parts of Canada.

There are many health benefits of eating dulse.  Dulse is packed with many of the minerals that humans need to consume every day. A single serving of dulse provides us a rich supply of Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Chromium and Magnesium. Calcium , iron and magnesium all contribute to robust bone density.  Dulse seaweed is also a significant source of both protein and fiber.  Dulse is also specifically rich in iodine content as well as vitamin B6, which is vital to maintaining the health of nerves, red blood cells as well as skin in the human body.

Nutritional Benefits of Dulse

  • · Proteins
  • · Sodium
  • · Calcium
  • · Beta carotene
  • · Iodine
  • · Iron
  • · Copper
  • · Potassium
  • · Manganese
  • · Magnesium
  • · Zinc
  • · Vitamins (vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, vitamin C, and vitamin E)

 Dulse Side Effects

Due to the high potassium content in dulse seaweed, patients suffering from kidney problems can suffer from symptoms like nausea or weakness. This is due to the fact that the weakened kidney of kidney patients cannot remove an excess amount of potassium from the body effectively. As excess potassium can hamper the heart rhythm of the body and cause deadly effects.

Dulse, like other similar seaweeds, is a good source of iodine. This iodine can be harmful to some people, if taken excessively. People, who are pregnant, are breastfeeding or are on any kind of medication or have health conditions which can be heightened by excess iodine levels are not advised to consume dulse seaweed. One should check with their doctor before consuming seaweed or their derivative products in such cases.